a noise walk

i decided to put this talk into words :) just so we wont forget

try watching mtv for a bit (not that im encouraging you to watch it, because most of it is trash). notice that the scenes from every music video does not last for 5 seconds before the frame changes. or if you have seen the Bourne films - notice how frantic the pace of the camera pans around.

our lives are evolving to one that is such of a fast pace - it becomes a distraction. a noise. according to good ol' wikipedia, noise is unwanted sound, and can block, distort, or change the meaning of a message in both human and electronic communication.

many things come in between us and our walk with God. sometimes, we are so distracted, we do not hear God in the midst of all the noise. in our contemporary society, noise is emerging as one of Satan's most effective weapons. noise does not have to just include non-christian distractions, there are many christianized noises in our lives - like a loud christian rock band blaring through our mp3 players - anything that blocks us from a proper communication with God.

this is not to say we should abandon the loud rock songs~ i love rock :) but at times, we need to just be alone with God. have a meaningful conversation with Him, listen, speak, without any distortions. the writer of Psalm 46:10 writes of God "Be still, and know that I am God". Elijah the prophet was in desperation to hear God's voice, but he didnt find God in the violent windstorm, powerful earthquake or even the fire. God was found in a still small voice. the gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12)

we'll never escape the noise, and neither all noise is bad. i wished more youths are loud, loud for the right reasons at the right times - when we have to lift a song of praise to our Lord :)
but i do believe that we also have to create our silent moments, when we come before our Saviour with nothing but ourselves. then it's easier to listen to what He wants to tell us. turn off the music when you read His Word, close the door when you're praying, set aside more time (no other plans) just to be in devotion with Him.

if we have become distracted, let us come back to the heart of worship.

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