the legacy of mcgee

over the past year, matthew mcgee has shown us what it means to 'live by faith, not by sight' (2 Corinthians 5:7). WinGS has been blessed by the many activities that we achieved thus far.
a first youth camp. youth outreaches. community service visitations. we have a goal, a vision of Malaysian youths just living for the glory of His renown (Isaiah 26:8). many young lives coming face to face with a Saviour, mighty to save, for the first time. more hearts aligned toward the great Christ's call as His followers, to seek His will in the living Word of God. i, for one, am a life changed.

the term 'crazy fool' does not come up often but when a certain American told me two years ago - December 05 - to come along with him (a person that i just met that very day) thousands of miles away to America for a major Christian conference (Passion 2006), he definitely fitted the bill.
God works in miraculous ways, His wonders to perform.
i was the next 'crazy fool' as i found myself brought to the following year's Passion conferences along with matthew mcgee (the other crazy fool). i would not for once ever thought i could have the opportunity to travel so far to experience Passion. God teaches us lessons in so many different ways, sometimes being so ironical. i was not the first to find that out.
the Bible (Word of God) speaks of many crazy fools. a doubting man with a stuttering pr. prro pp p problem, who ended up leading a massive exodus (found in the book of Exodus). the isolated shepherd boy who defeated a giant (1 Samuel 17). God made a donkey talk to convince another stubborn crazy fool (Numbers 22:22). Hebrews 11 tells of the great heroes of faith that all have traded their own life stories to the sole purpose of Jesus Christ no matter the circumstances. God uses crazy fools like the ones mentioned above and you and me according to His will in order for His Glory to be revealed (Revelation 4:11).
my story in the beginning of this post may never compare, but matt has definitely showed us a true example of submitting to the sovereign will of God. that does not mean that we can never measure up but it is our time to stand and be counted in living our lives for Christ. if you do not gather anything from this post, just know that God can use anything and anyone without any warning. o i pray that we as crazy fools do not turn the other way but we heed our Saviour's calling.
the legacy of mcgee is simple yet as we see the greater legacy of Jesus Christ on this earth for our lives, it is never short of neverending extraordinary and He invites us to be a part of it.

we shall continue with our Lifetrak series for the WinGS fellowship meeting this week. we will be examining a tried and tested life manual.
:) continue to pray for matt as he makes new decisions in the coming months. pray for the WinGS ministry.

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