silence fools

whoever came out with the idea of statuses must have been a brilliant mind. im talking about the statements we put up with our names on sites like facebook, myspace or msn messenger. how cool is that to tell the whole world what we're up to. check ernie out, perhaps you can even use some of his ones. 

the whole invention of the internet is so liberating, and yes im all for the freedom of speech and thought or action (which means you are also responsible for what you do or the person that you are) but i do believe freedom is not just the 'freedom' to do anything that you would like to do (i.e kill someone, write hate inciting blogs etc) but the freedom to choose the right path, the correct choice which is the one God wants us to take. we don't have to do those sins anymore.

i've heard it from someone that 'a word said is like a hundred racehorses sprinting off, you can never catch it back'. in this case, as responsible children of God - we should all the more watch what we say. im more than guilty of letting slip the wrong words.
the idea im getting at, is the way we assume that we can misuse these statuses to 'send' a message across to someone. or even for anything that we write on our blogs with a hidden agenda in response to anybody. (mind you the internet is a big place still yet we're all connected) i do wonder what goes through our minds when we do that because
a) we gat the message across loud and clear
b) not only the 'person' gets it, but everyone else in the network/circle of friends read about it too
c) at the end of the day, our words have done nothing but damage even if it is with good intentions
::then i also wonder if the initial intention of these 'subtle' messages is really just for that particular person, or we really want other people to find out about it::

many times wisdom is found in what you don't say instead of what you do say. word restraint is a sign of maturity. as christians, we should practice using our words wisely. even a silent fool is considered wise at times. 
yes we go through periods of time where we really want to reach out to someone because we have something inside bothering and we really cant think of a way to get it out but to write in on our statuses. *reach out the right way, and even so to the right people* 
the right intentions will display the right words. if we have resentment in our hearts, the words that come from our mouths will be hate filled, likewise if we have love in our hearts, the words would be very different.

“But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless
word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you
will be condemned” (Matt. 12:36-37, NIV).

(1) Every word—whether we think about it or not—is noticed by God and has consequences.
(2) Words are extremely powerful; they are able to give life and healing, and they are
able to hurt and destroy.
(3) Everyone needs God’s help to say good words—so why don’t we ask Him for it?
(4) Words can either calm an angry situation—or make it angrier. Which will you
(5) Lying is always wrong, and it always hurts someone.
(6) When we talk is sometimes just as important as what we say.
(7) We have the power to help people with our words if we choose to. If we do not
help, we hurt.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight,
O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer” (Ps. 19:14, NIV)

you know i love you guys, and this post is not directed at anyone but to everyone including myself

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