not turning away

Dusty roads filled with throngs of sandals. People from the surrounding regions have come to see this Great Healer. Everyone has seen their own fair share of mysticism and doubt its authenticity but this was different. He was driving out demons and making the lame walk. The people needed a break from the harshness of life, and this seemed like the next big thing. The Great Healer was performing miracles. Just an ordinary citizen, with ordinary robes, with an ordinary appearance-commanding such attention.

Crowds grew by the hour, as word spread through the busy lanes . They all wanted a piece of the miracle to touch their worthless lives. It seemed only fair that something good would come out of this for each of them. The Great Healer was not even charging them for anything.

By now, the lakeside was overflowing with curious onlookers, living proofs of the Great Healer's miracles eager for another one, doubtful religious teachers and the followers of the Great Healer. Then the Great Healer retreated to a boat and was pushed offshore.

The Great Healer began speaking. The crowds listened on, to what seemed like simple parables yet it left many puzzled and they could not understand what he meant. This was no signs and wonders nor miracles. One after the other, people started turning away disappointed. With each person leaving, the Great Healer's eyes looked on with a glance of sadness. A sadness that could only be explained by how much He loved them to stay. Even some of the ones that were healed moved on. Then His gentle loving eyes turned to mine to see whether I would be next.

These passages in the Bible about the parable of the Sower always get to me. Jesus was so popular and yet He does not beg for the people to stay. He is the Almighty and not until we realize how inadequate we are and needful of Him to save us, we will never realize what it really means to follow Him.
Matt 13, Mark 4, Luke 8

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