i'm wearing a white gown

sorry for the long delay on a new post, but there were many circumstances that arose. rest assured, its not that i haven't had anything to say (i have aplenty ;) ) but time just did not permit me to translate it into words.

we just had valentine's day not too long ago and the world celebrated its knowledge on love. i can imagine your reactions by this moment of time oh not another lecture on love. OHOH he didnt mean love love, he meant God's love - ah, but i already know that too.

this post for me is to merely just give you another point of how deep the Father's love for us and how vast beyond all measure.

taking a point of a sermon i heard awhile back, Hosea was a prophet and one day God told him to marry an adulteress, or basically that lady wasn't a faithful lady if you know what i mean. yet Mr. Hosea still married her-Gomer was her name-and he stuck with her even though he knew her unfaithfulness (cue Rihanna's song, NOT the ella ella one, the other one). we can tell from the Scriptures that the first few children conceived was not even Hosea's (Hosea 1:2-11).
Put yourself in Hosea's sandals for a moment, man its tough to love someone like that. yet only marry (lasting commitment) that someone.

i took another piece of puzzle that had me thinking the past week. do you know of anyone else who practically did something like that? i mean like REALLY LOVE someone so unfaithful and really stick out through it all. i can only think of the perfect example of Christ when He declared His love for us by equating it to the bliss of marriage. Jesus is the bridegroom and we the church is His bride in the wedding of the Lamb! (Rev. 19:7).

some guys are moaning now oh we have to wear a dress, a white one. but hey truly understand the passage. the King of kings wants a deep and loving relationship with you and me. now we won't understand how deep our Father's love if we do not realize how fallen we are. we are like Gomer. we have our fair share of unfaithfulness, probably not to the degree of Gomer, but there is no measure to sin. its either you sinned or you didnt. and we all have (Romans 3:23).

Hosea's story doesn't end yet, as God relates to us how much He does love us by asking Hosea, to still love his wife. (Hosea 3:1) to forgive and overlook all the wrongs that Gomer has done. and Hosea did, and so did Gomer and another child was born. this time the baby was Hosea's

so just think it this way. would you be able to love your special someone with the kind of love Hosea showed? im sure Hosea had his fair share of doubts, but i know God can. and He already did : ) thats awesome, Gomers (we) and now we all can wear a beautiful white gown to meet Him.

i would like to thank those who joined us for the orphanage visit the past week, i am inspired by how WinGS can share God's abundant love with children who really need it. and also for getting down and dirty to clean our community even though it may be someone else's property. we appreciate ivan and wilson for organizing both days :)

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