of trains and dwarfs

as we welcome Narnia back into our conversations, let's take time to draw on some points which C.S Lewis intended to transpire through these story books.

many of you know that i'm on my internships at the moment, and the workplace is quite a distance away so i take the trains. trains have this habit on me, that they will always lead me home! unless you take a wrong train ;) how perfect the story of Prince Caspian that the four Pervensie children are brought back to Narnia, their 'home' through a train station (i don't think there's a physical train that leads to Narnia).

well, we find out that Narnia isn't all it was when they were there. centuries has past, kings rise and fall. and suddenly the people and creatures of Narnia has lost faith in the Deep Magic of Narnia and more importantly, Aslan the Lion whom has not appeared all this while. no one believes in the existence of the Lion anymore.
we can really relate this situation to ours at hand. you do not have to look far at a society which has ignored or doubted the powerful existence of our Lion, the Lion of Judah-Jesus Christ. i see the books like 'The God Delusion' or 'God Is Not So Great' taking place in the eyes of society. these are supposedly solid works of literature, but we all know that they are harmless attempts at feeding their own doubts. to doubt the existence of God, would really mean that God existed in the first place.

sometimes, even we ourselves who believe in Jesus Christ, at times doubt Him with or without intention. do we really believe what we believe, then that faith needs to carry action. in the story of Prince Caspian, Lucy had to act on her belief that Aslan was around, even though nobody believed her, yet her faith was unwavering and she still tried to convince everyone, succeeding with Edmund (my favourite character after Aslan ;) ).

“Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed” Jesus (John 20:29)
there are many lessons more to be learned from this really awesome story and i'm sure that almost everyone already has plans to catch the movie release. do have in mind the lessons in it, if not also bear in mind God teaches us all the time and we learn more about Him each day if we really seek Him.

'Return To Narnia' will be scheduled for our next two saturdays (10/05 & 17/05) before a break saturday (24/05) before 4:12 Revo (27/05). start confirming your places, confirming your friends.

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