be God's revolutionaries

excerpt from 'Living Under God'
(by Toby Mac & Michael Tait)

As strange as it may sound, God is looking for revolutionaries who are not rebellious - He is looking for people who are willing to set our upside down world back upside right.

Rebelliousness is often based in selfishness and anarchy - it certainly attracts those who are against the present norm without really being for anything better. Such 'revolutionaries' often have no vision for anything after the rebellion is over because they were only in it to destroy the status quo, not to build a better future - or to simply be in charge and noticed, not to truly lead for the benefit of others.

God's revolutionaries, however, don't look for opportunities to dominate others, but chances to serve. They are revolutionary because they stand for something better. Are you such a revolutionary, or are you looking for attention by being against whatever is going on now?

**We'll discuss about this more in WinGS as we go along :)

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    Insightful, thought provoking post.